I was going to take Linda on a flight this afternoon. I need a flight this month as per club rules, and have been wanting to take her flying for a while, and she had agreed to, and this was a relatively easy to schedule afternoon for both of us.

Unfortunately, weather had another plan. Very gusty winds gave me some pause, though they were OK for my personal minimums. But there was some persistent moderate turbulence in the area for a couple of days, originating due to mountain waves etc, and that would have made for a miserable first flight for her, and a not super pleasant one for me. The TAF showed winds dying down around 7pm, which was also a few minutes before sunset (and I’m not night current, which would have kept me from flying with Linda for longer than about 30min, based on my need to also get to SMO from HHR to pick her up).

So, I shook my fist at the sky, and scrubbed the flight after waiting out the weather a bit. Alas.


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